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USD 2,223,306.93 USD 0.4000 5,558,267.32 EBO +0.200% Buy Sell
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Easybook has been growing rapidly in the past 15 years since 2005 and has become the largest land and sea ticketing platform in ASEAN. In line with the growing trends of the digital payment services, Easybook is also launching its cryptocurrency to raise funds and facilitate the payment for its core travel business cross countries and to overcome the issue of different currencies (eg. The cryptocurrency of Facebook, Libra).

Instead of allowing the coin value to fluctuate in the 3rd party exchange platform and causing disadvantage to the coin purchasers that had bought-in at the wrong time, Easybook has acted further to develop its coin exchange platform on this website for the trading of Easybook Coin. By doing so, Easybook can fix the trading price and allow the coin pricing to increase gradually to hit the growth per year during the Controlled Trading Period. This is also to ensure the coin purchasers are benefited from the growth and would use the service of Easybook again, including to buy the core products in Easybook.com and Easybook apps.

Easybook has tentatively fixed the first 2 years from the Coin launching date as Controlled Trading Period, i.e. the daily prices are fixed as per the graph below to grow gradually. Start from the 3rd year the coin pricing is allowed to fluctuate based on the principle of demand and supply, which will be the Flexible Trading Period. Rest on the strong growth of the company, Easybook may consider prolonging the Controlled Trading Period beyond 2 years and that the Company will announce the decision in the second year.

Despite the ability to fix the selling price during the Controlled Trading Period, the concern is will there be enough buyers pool in the future to buy the coins from the earlier coin holders. To address this issue, Easybook will continue to boost the company and the business to another level, to attract and acquire more customers/members to consume the selling pressure from the first-hand coin sellers, as well as to convert more exiting 3M+ members to buy the coin down the road. If the coin selling queue is too long, Easybook will help to buy back some of the coins from the exchange platform. Easybook will ensure the longevity of the EBO program and to co-exist with Easybook core business forever.

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Easybook Coin Whitepaper

Easybook Coin (EBO) is a solution for a better experience in cross-countries ticketing purchase and it is created by Easybook (B) Sdn Bhd, a Brunei subsidiary of Easybook.com Pte Ltd.

For the past 15 years, Easybook.com has been expanding from a single bus ticket product to other various travel products and successfully establishes its reputation in ASEAN. We noticed purchase of tickets was slowed down by the issue of multi-currency payment. Thus, we launch EBO to solve these problems.

Easybook.com’s proprietary blockchain technology makes sure all the transactions of tickets purchase in Easybook.com that paid by EBO will be completed instantly. Any fraud can be recovered and rectified by Easybook central audit.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of purchasing tickets and further enjoy a guaranteed value gain of the EBO coin. Easybook.com has more than 3 million members and are generating an annual revenue of close to USD100,000,000. The massive members and vast demand will boost the value of EBO.

The EBO is governed and in compliant with the laws of Brunei.