Introduction of Easybook.com

  • Easybook.com is the largest land and sea ticketing platform in ASEAN since 2006 (selling bus, ferry, train tickets, and car rental). Air tickets were added recently to complete the journey of our customers.
  • It was founded in Singapore and Malaysia and now expanded to 10 countries in ASEAN.
  • > 40M tickets sold, aggregated more than 3000 transport operators onboard.

Why Invest in Easybook?

  • Easybook achieves annual growth of 1.5-2X in revenue per year
  • The Largest land and sea ticketing platform in ASEAN, added air tickets recently to target to become the largest land, sea, air ticketing platform in ASEAN by 2022.
  • Hitting USD 100M revenue p.a. in 2020 (to be adjusted a bit due to COVID-19) and achieving USD 1B by end of 2023 out of USD 20B market size.
  • Founded in 2005, 15 years in business.
  • Join Easybook high growth path.

How to Invest in Easybook?

  • Instead of IPO, we launched ICO on 1 June 2020 in Brunei.
  • Instead of issuing shares to new investors, we issue Easybook coins (EBO) to new investors, a utility coin.
  • We choose ICO due to IPO is too costly, the stock market is doing badly, and the IPO process is too complicated.
  • Compared to the stock exchange, the EBO platform can be traded 24 hours daily.
  • Follow this guide to start buying the EBO.
  • Click here to view EBO white paper.

Guaranteed Growth

  • EBO to be traded in Easybook own trading platform i.e. ebo.easybook.com
  • We fixed the EBO trading price for the first 2 years by increasing the price daily from day 1 to achieve a guaranteed value by end of first year and by end of second year.
  • The EBO value will be pushed further up by our strong revenue and big user base i.e. 3M so far and going to grow to more than 20M by 2023.

How to Earn from EBO?

  • When the EBO price increases, sell it easily at ebo.easybook.com trading platform to other new buyers, follow this guide.
  • Or use them to buy any product of Easybook in easybook.com website and app.

Is EBO Trust Worthy?

  • Absolutely YES. It is backed by Easybook solid business and products. Unlike majority of cryptocurrencies out there, where there is no solid business and big community to support the cryptocurrencies.
  • All EBO if unsold, can be used to buy any product within Easybook platform and app.

Rules & Regulations

Governance of EBO

EBO are subject to the governing laws of Brunei.

EBO will be issued and valued in United States Dollar ("USD") and subject to the following conditions:

Important Dates

  1. ICO period: 1 - 30 June 2020 (non-tradable or usable)
  2. Trading among members in EBO Issuing Platform: Tentatively 1 July 2020
  3. Easybook Coin can be used to purchase Easybook.com product, start from 1 July 2020

Trading Mechanism

  1. Control Trading Period

    First two years of EBO, the EBO price will be controlled and fixed by Easybook.com. The price will be controlled to increase gradually throughout the first two years.

    2020 (Pricing End Of The Month)
    June July August September October November December
    0.1080 0.1165 0.1250 0.1332 0.1418 0.1500 0.1585
    January February March April May June July August September October November December
    0.1670 0.1747 0.1832 0.1915 0.2000 0.2164 0.2334 0.2504 0.2668 0.2838 0.3003 0.3173
    January February March April May June July August September October November December
    0.3342 0.3496 0.3666 0.3830 0.4000 No Control Price
    January February March April May June July August September October November December
    No Control Price
  2. Flexible Trading Period

    Starting from the third year of EBO, EBO price will be allowed to fluctuate based on supply and demand of trading on ebo.easybook.com.

  3. Tradable Amount

    40% of EBO purchased will be locked up to 6 months from trading during the 'Fixed Trading Period' to maintain the increasing selling price.

Token Distribution

In order to maintain the stability of EBO, the issuance units of new EBO is limited and will be issued in 3 phases as below:

  • Year 1 : 200 million EBO
  • Year 2 : 300 million EBO
  • Year 3 : 400 million EBO

Transaction Fee

  • 2% per selling of EBO. (no charge when buying coins)
  • 4% bank transaction fee per withdrawal to be charged for cash withdrawal from EBO account to user’s bank account.
  • TT charges will apply for bank accounts with no presence in any of Easybook’s operating countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmmar, Cambodia, Laos)

Coin Splitting

Coin splitting will occur from time to time to reduce the too expensive EBO value while increasing the number of EBO held of existing coin holder. For example, if the coin split to cause the EBO value to reduce by 3x, then the number of EBO held by existing coin holders will be increased by 3x.

Restriction (Fixed Trading Period)

40% of the EBO will be locked-up for 6 months from the purchase date during the first 2 years of Fixed Trading Period in order to help sustain the ever-growing EBO price.

Coin Utilization in Easybook platform

EBO can be used to purchase all the product within easybook.com website and app. The conversion ratio of EBO to product will be predetermined by easybook.com and subjects to changes from time to time.


All information above are subjected to changes.