1. Who is easybook.com?

    Easybook.com is the largest land, sea ticketing platform in ASEAN since 2006 and added air tickets in 2019 to complete the journey in becoming the largest land, sea, air ticketing platform in ASEAN by 2023.

  2. What is EBO?

    EBO is a crypto that developed by Easybook.com to benefit our loyal customers by allowing them to invest in easybook.com by owning the EBOs (buy low sell high) while empowering them the efficiency and convenience to purchase the multiple-currencies’ travel products namely bus, train, ferry, flight, and car rental in easybook.com by using the EBO.

  3. What is crypto?

    Crypto / Cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital currency based on blockchain technology.

  4. What is ICO?

    ICO is Initial Coin Offering i.e. a process of issuing a new coin to the public, the public will then buy the coin at an initial low price, and sell it later (via a trading platform) when the price increases due to high demand or use the coins to buy certain goods/services.

    (EBO ICO is happening now, opening for purchase, the sales and trading will start 1 July)

  5. How is ICO different from IPO?

    IPO is an initial public offering where a company issues shares to the public to hold; the shares might entitle dividends from the profit of the company if applicable and the value of the shares depends on the demands from the public about the confidence towards the company and its future.

    ICO issues coin to the public instead of shares, there’s no dividend from the coin, the rest is quite similar to IPO, where the value of coin subjects to the demands from the public confidence towards the company performance and its future.

  6. What is the maximum purchase limit of EBO for each transaction?

    There is no maximum purchase limit per transaction.

  7. Which is the cheapest payment method that I can use to buy EBO?

    All our payment methods do not charge any additional fee when buying EBO.

  8. What is the conversion loss when I am using a non-USD credit card to pay for the USD EBO?

    Usually, your local bank will charge a currency exchange fee of around 1% but this will again depend on your country bank.

  9. Should I top up to EBO account or pay direct? What is the difference?

    Top up to EBO account will make you repurchase again and again easier without reentering all the card info. During the Flexible Trading Period, the top-up is the only method to purchase EBO, because the buyer has to enter a bidding price and submit to the buy queue of the trading platform at ebo.easybook.com, and whenever the price is matched, the purchase process will be completed and the system will auto deduct the cash from your top-up credit.

    Pay-direct is only applicable for the first 2 years of the Fixed Trading Period.

  10. What is the expiry date of the discount codes in buying Easybook travel tickets?

    1 year from the issue date.

  11. How can I get the discount code to purchase Easybook travel tickets?

    Upon the successful purchase of EBO, an email with the discount code(s) will be sent to you.

  12. Can I purchase EBO purely for investment purposes and not use it to purchase tickets on easybook.com?

    Yes, you are not obliged to use EBO for ticket purchases and your EBO will not be forfeited in any way if you want to keep it on our platform.

  13. With the aim of raising 200 million coins in the first year and then 300 million coins in the second year, does it take into account coin splitting? Will my coin value be diluted?

    Coin splitting might occur from time to time to reduce the expensive EBO value while increasing the number of EBO held by any existing coin holder. However, the total value of your EBO will remain the same as before coin splitting occurs. For example, if coin split results in EBO value to reduce by 3x, the number of EBO held by existing coin holders will be increased by 3x.

    200M, 300M, 400M are the maximum EBO to be issued in the first three years respectively (inclusive of coin splitting). The maximum count per year is to make sure the EBO not over issued and will hence affect the demand. However, if the demand is over the maximum supply of that year, Easybook might announce the increase in the limit.

    However, the 80:20 rules being applied for the first 2 years of Controlled Trading Period i.e. when there is any purchase of EBO, 80% will source from existing seller and 20% will source from new EBO issued. After 2nd year, 100% will be sourced from existing seller first before issue new EBO.

    The purpose of the 80:20 rules is due to EBO does not have an ICO period to issue coins before trading, EBO concept is coin issuing and trading process being carried out at the same time i.e. from mid of June 2020 onwards, hence every purchase transaction will incur a 20% of new EBO to be issued out to supply enough EBO to the market to meet the demand.

  14. How much capital can be raised from all EBO issued? What is the market capitalization of Easybook?

    For the first three years, a maximum of 900M EBO can be issued, and capital raised will be total EBO issued x EBO issued price issued from time to time. The market cap of EBO = Total Circulating Supply * Price of each coin. This is different from the Easybook company capitalization.

  15. Is EBO available only for Easybook members or can the public invest in it too?

    While Easybook members are the first to be offered the opportunity to invest in EBO, we will subsequently reach out to members of the public to invest in EBO.

  16. Is EBO created for short-term cashflow or business growth of Easybook.com?

    EBO is created for long term growth to maintain its market position as the largest land, sea, and air ticketing platform in ASEAN.

  17. Can a customer sell back EBO to other new EBO buyers OR only Easybook?

    All EBO can be traded in ebo.easybook.com and sell to any interested party.

  18. Can we sell all our Easybook Coin in the Fixed Trading Period (June 2020 - May 2022)?

    Yes, but 40% of your EBO will be locked up for 6 months from the purchase date while the remaining 60% can be sold within the lock-up period. After 6 months, all the EBO can be fully sold. This is to ensure no sudden surge in the supply of the coin and cost the stress of selling all the coins at the same time.

  19. What are the trading hours of EBO?

    EBO can be traded 24/7.

  20. What is the exchange rate if buying EBO (USD) using the Easybook Wallet (non-USD)?

    The currency exchange rate will be based on Easybook’s pre-set that updated to the latest week. Kindly note that the purchase of EBO can only be made in USD.

  21. How is the withdrawal process like?

    The cash value will be credited into the ‘Cash balance’ of your account once a selling transaction is successful. To withdraw, login > account > select ‘withdraw’ in your cash balance > fill in details.

    Withdrawal will be processed within 7 days upon confirmation. The time taken for the money to reflect in your country’s bank account will depend on the TT network (if applicable) and your bank.

  22. Will EBO account cash withdrawal sharing the same restriction as Easybook Wallet cash withdrawal (such as certain penalty if withdrawing too soon after top-up)?

    There is not any restriction pertaining to EBO account cash withdrawal.

  23. How much is the transaction fee for buying and selling?

    Buy - 0% Sell - 2% of the selling price (equals to only 7 days of gain in coin value)

  24. Are there any other fees for a top-up, withdrawal, and paying for bookings in easybook.com?

    Top-up: No charges
    Withdraw: 4% (equals to only 15 days of gain in coin value) + TT charges
    *TT charges will only apply to banks with no presence in any of Easybook’s operating countries. ASEAN countries i.e. (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos) WILL NOT incur any TT charge.
    Paying for bookings in easybook.com: No charges

  25. When can I start trading my coins once I have bought them?

    All trading starts on 1st July 2020. All purchase starts on 1st June 2020.

  26. What legal protections are there in the event of fraud, hack or malware? Who is responsible for recovering my investment if something goes wrong?

    EBO transactions are well-secured by our proprietary blockchain technology that comes with top-notch security and encryption engineering, which gives us centralised control on the data. Should any EBO transaction be manipulated through fraud, hack or malware, our central-controlled system can recover the investment back to its original owner as long as the money is not yet withdrawn to the hacker’s bank account. Even if the money is successfully withdrawn to the hacker’s account, Easybook will liaise with the victim to report the case to the police and try to recover from the hacker.

  27. Will there be any financial statement released yearly and will they be audited?

    Financial statements of the Company are all audited yearly but will not be disclosed to the public unless it is required under the applicable law. However, Easybook will announce certain milestone achievements from time to time via news on the ebo.easybook.com website or email newsletter.

  28. If a blockchain is used, is the blockchain open or public? Has the code been published, and has there been an independent cybersecurity audit?

    EBO operates on a private blockchain. Every transaction is encrypted and timestamped, hence data cannot be hacked and changed by anyone. Security tests will be performed on EBO by the third-party service provider from time to time to ensure that our security system is well-protected and to minimize the risk from any latest cybersecurity threats.

  29. How’s Easybook doing during the Covid-19 period where all travels were banned?

    Easybook as an online travel agent, the only major costs are manpower and marketing expenses, hence but controlling the manpower and marketing expenses during that period, Easybook able to pull through that difficult period by living on a past cash reserve. After the lockdown, the business rebounded sharply and this ICO will further help to push the business on track faster to hit the original financial projection.

  30. After 2 years, will the EBO price might drop?

    After two years, with strong demand, Easybook might continue to fix the price to increase gradually again following the growth rate of the previous year. This is because increasing the rate of EBO double again from 2nd year to 3rd year will only cost the EBO around USD 0.80 which is still very cheap to buy. The price-fixing can be continuous even further. More announcements regarding the future of 3rd years will be announced around mid of 2nd year.

  31. Is EBO comply with the law of Brunei?

    Yes, the services on EBO comply with the applicable law of Brunei.

  32. Is EBO a Money Game/Ponzi Scheme?

    No, the key differences are as follows:

    Solid Business vs Empty Shell Business

    • Easybook is a solid business that has been operating for the past 15 years, which launched EBO to facilitate and support the core business, hence EBO is well-backed by an established company (Like Facebook launching Libra).
    • Money game/Ponzi schemes have no solid businesses before their creation and they only start new businesses which are mostly empty shell companies or poorly run companies to make the scheme look like there are proper businesses backing them up.

    Sustainable Gain vs Unrealistic Gain

    • EBO is a genuine crypto like Bitcoin, with the difference that EBO has a fix coin value growth per year, which is almost on par with the core business growth rate per year (except COVID-19 period). Hence, we believe that the coin demand from the strong core business growth will generate enough buyers at any one time to purchase all sellers' coins (growth of EBO is much smaller than Bitcoin's 10,000x or more). Easybook will also buy back some EBO if the sell queue is too long.
    • Money game/Ponzi schemes overpromise with unrealistic gains such as 20% interest per month, 6x gain in 3 months etc with no solid businesses to back them up and are only using the money from new buyers to pay the promised high interest/gain of the early buyers. Once the incoming money is insufficient to cover the promises of the earlier buyers, the whole scheme collapses.

    Long Term vs Hit & Run

    • Easybook is one of the largest land, sea and air ticketing platform in ASEAN with revenue estimated to hit USD 100M in 2020 before COVID-19 happened. Easybook will not allow unfavourable situations to arise for customers that invest in EBO, so that it will not affect the core business in the long run. This is how Easybook upkeeps its reputation and has created EBO to last permanently.
    • Money game/Ponzi schemes do not have a core business. They do not uphold their reputation for long as their intention is to create the scam to collect money from the pool of investors as fast as possible and run away with it.