How to Buy?

  1. Click any "Buy" button in EBO website.
  2. Choose your desire coin packages, click "Buy Now".
  3. Or you can enter your own amount, click "Buy Now".
  4. Check your purchase info.
  5. Enter your personal info.
  6. Or you can click "Login/Register" to speed up your purchase.
  7. Choose your desire payment option. (You'll need to login to choose Option 1 and Option 2)
  8. Remember to tick to agree to EBO's Terms & Conditions.
  9. Click "Pay Now".
  10. Double check your payment amount.
  11. Choose your desire payment option.
  12. Click "Pay Now".
  13. You will be prompted to confirm your purchase and the total amount that you are going to pay are correct. Click "OK" and proceed.
  14. You will come to Payment Page. Fill in all the necessary details.
  15. Click "Pay Now".
  16. After payment done, Order Summary will be sent to your email automatically.