Easybook Launched Delivery Service by Bus

Feb 2021, Malaysia

Amidst MCO, due to low human passenger’s volume, Easybook had formed the largest bus consortium in Malaysia namely Topbus Sdn Bhd that will combine more than 30 bus (number still growing) companies, more than 1000 buses to deliver goods from terminal to terminal throughout Peninsular Malaysia. This is the first courier service solution that provides same-day or even half-day cross-state delivery service in Peninsular Malaysia. Customers may book the parcel easily via www.topbus.express website or walk into the counter. Online booking is more user-friendly and with different payment gateways, instead of filling up the information at the counters, whereby counters only accept cash payment.

This is a strategic move of Easybook and the bus companies in diversifying the business into other relevant field that will complement the reduction in transportation tickets’ sales, further boosted by the increase of the demand in courier services during Covid-19. Meanwhile, this is also aligned with APAD's permission and encouragement in allowing the bus companies to carry and deliver goods to survive this tough pandemic period, The entire bus cargo industry is expected to grow up to around RM 500M in 5 years, out of the total logistic market size in Malaysia that’s worth around RM2billion.